Hi! I’m Jessica.

I’m a business coach for language teachers, a life coach, a meditation teacher and a human design geek. I empower women to express themselves fully in their heart-lead business by going deep within so they can shine, bright and wide.

I love understanding the human mind, heart and soul and find ways to alleviate and empower you overcome your stories and break the boundaries and limitations that have been imposed onto you through conditionings, painful stories or trauma.

Why? Because this is my story.

I was a “relinquished” baby at birth, and although I was lucky enough to have been adopted early on by fairly good people, I carry with me the stigma of trauma.

Finding my identity, gathering the courage to express my voice, grounding myself so I can take my place even when I feel like I shouldn’t exist. Setting boundaries when people-pleasing is a survival mechanism, choosing fair prices for both parties without overdelivering to prove my worth, dealing with anxiety and sometimes depression,… this is part of my journey.

And it may be part of yours too, you don’t have to be adopted to experience all that.

But I know how debilitating it can be.

I know how, alone, it may even seem impossible to break through all of that and still create the business of our dreams. Especially when being in business literally wakes up all of the fears and insecurities within you.

But you’re not alone.

My work is to support you, guide you and bring you the business strategies, the mindset tools and the deep inner work that you need in order to make your business powerful and successful.

I’m so happy you’re here.

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Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle

Holistic Coach of Women Entrepreneurs : Marketing Strategy * Life Coaching * Human Design