Mar 16 • 36M

#14 Business is your Playfield : Interview with Nina Hanakova

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Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle
Inspiration, tips and insights to support you on your business journey and make sure it is and stays… aligned and thriving!
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Nina Hanakova is joining us today for an inspiring interview. Nina’s the founder of her language school “Nina English” that’s she’s been running for many years in Brno. She’s also a mentor for female teacherpreneurs in ELT. She also hosts the Annual Language Teachers’ Festival, all of this, as a single mom. Discover her most important tips about success as a woman. Hint: it’s not what you think!

In this episode

  • Nina’s journey on becoming an independent language teacher back in 2008 with her own unorthodox & creative methods

  • The importance of having a mentor or coach when you’re ready for your next level of transformation

  • Nina’s secret to doing it all as a single mom

  • The struggles of balancing work & life

  • The importance of delegating and how it empowers women

  • Money mindset, money blocks and trauma as women + the social stigma of making money

  • Seeing business as an exciting game!